Some automation points jump if moving others. [CONFIRMED]

This is a bit hard to explain in words, but it’s been happening since 8.5 and is still happening in 9. It affects automation editing when dragging automation points, and it’s a major bug. Pay attention to the automation points that are NOT selected but are jumping in value.


  1. Create three or more automation nodes, at different or the same values.
  2. Move two of the nodes together vertically up or down (Not using the trim tool, but moving one of the actual automation nodes) and you’ll see the closest nodes they’re connected to snap to the same position as the one you’re moving.

Please WATCH THIS GIF that I made, as it does a better job of explaining it:
Jan-10-2017 17-27-04.gif

Are the two last automation points at exactly the same time position? I get the same results as you do when that is the case, if I am moving the automation points by dragging one of the selected ones, but if I first move either the last point just one tick later, or the penultimate point just one tick earlier, then it works as expected.
But there’s a better way:)…
Once you have made your selection, instead of dragging one of the selected points, use the grey box’s “Move Vertically” handle.

Yes, you’re right: it happens when the two automation points are at the same time position (vertically it doesn’t matter, only horizontally). It also happens when you move the automation points horizontally and they meet another automation point.

Your workaround is what I use if I have to, but this bug needs to be fixed ASAP because using the grey box “Move Vertically” handle doesn’t let you do things like line up automation points to others, move the section around horizontally, etc., etc.

Vic, that’s a useful workaround, but it still shouldn’t work this way.

In_Stereo: please add some reproduction steps or this might not go anywhere.

You can still move the selection horizontally by dragging the grey box, but, admittedly, not while you are already on the “Move Vertically” handle.
For some strange reason, there isn’t that limitation when using the otherwise-similar grey selection box in the MIDI CC# lanes.

I know others are experiencing this, as I’ve seen it in the General forum. Let’s get some confirmations here so it can be moved to the confirmed issues area. My studio mate experiences it on both his Windows and Mac systems with Cubase, and told me it’s been a bug for a while.

Just wondering if a fix for this is coming in the upcoming update? It would be a big relief – I do tons of automation editing every day. :slight_smile:

Is this officially confirmed? I’m asking because I don’t see an official issue number here, just a [CONFIRMED]. Thanks!

i am having a similar problem…I have set up automation on tracks a few times and it moves from where i put it to the right
this the first time i have noticed it…I am looking for sound but it is automated out because the points have moved…on their own!

problem # 2
My system is crashing a lot!

Can we get a confirmation number for this? It needs to be fixed ASAP, gets in the way constantly.

Still an issue in 9.5.21.

I very much hope this is fixed in the next update – it’s a very major issue. Thanks!

Any news? Can we get an official confirmation number?