Some B.Fuse 4 Free Electronica

Electronica Free Downloads:

Thx for listen my Electronic-Stuff :sunglasses:

nice one. sounds nice n clear good mix n sounds, ( only listened to the 1st track though)

Thx man!

Very interesting! You have quite a unique ambiance here. I like your occasional combination of acoustic drums and EPs along with the more synthetic sounds, they work together well. My favorite is definitely #3, some great chord changes and synths throughout the whole piece. Definitely got the space theme across!

Thank you very much sir :slight_smile:

HEY!!! got stuck on number six, “spinning around” got a few rewinds down here!- ! now that is a tune! reminds of 8am sun just rising and I am still in a dnb rave.feel the love in the air! I know the tempo is not dnb but the intro just took me back, back to METAL HEADS.

so far B.fuse good quality tunes

Cheers man! Im glad you like this tune :slight_smile: