Some basic CI1 questions

This question is probably elementary for most of you but your answers would be very helpful.
My son and I are looking for a device with at least 2 XLR (or balanced TR) inputs and the ability to output a mixed signal (comprised of these inputs) directly to Mac via USB connection.
My son creates MineCraft commentaries for YouTube with 2 other co-hosts (hence the need for at least 2 mic inputs).
I would use the unit for personal studio recording (music).
I have plenty of good outboard gear and good mics but lack the right interface with the Mac.

  • The Mackie 402 does not have USB connectivity
  • Behringer and the lower-end Alesis units are undesirable because their audio tends to be noisier and lower in quality
  • Line6 (Pod) sells an interesting looking unit that appears to meet our specs, as does novation (the nio 2/4)
  • We don’t need effects or bells and whistles, just very good signal-to-noise ratio and USB connectivity
    Would the CI1 be the best unit for the job?
    Thanks so much for your help!

The noise ratio really depends on how much gain you’re using, cables, mics, etc.

For a podcast, I would say the CI is fine.