Some basic Midi recording things

If I start recording Midi from bar 5 and want to record it again, how can I start recording again from bar 5 (without touching mouse) ?
I mean if I press SHIFT + B the cursor will go to the start, bar 1. * key seems to be a short key to recording.

And if I press ESC in the key editor nothing happens. So how could I change that function ? Because it would be very simple to leave key editor menu by pressing Esc key.


Use Re-Record mode, please. It’s designed exatly for this scenario. You will just press Record button again. The cursor will jump to the original position, and start the recording.


Thank you. It worked when I chose “Start recording at Left Locator” and painted the area I wanted with blue. After doing that I succeed to record Midi over and over again.

What if I want to play my song many times again starting from a certain position by pressing space bar from my keyboard. When I’m pressing space bar now, the song will continue to play from the same position I pressed space.
So is there a possibility to choose a certain position from where to song starts to playing every time I press space bar ?


In the Preferences > Transport, you can enable Return to Start Position. Once you hit Stop (spacebar), the cursor will jump to the position, where it started. Then you can press spacebar once again, and Cubase will start from this position.

I like to assign this to a Key Command so I can easily turn it on & off.

Also you should explore Markers. They make it easy to re-position the cursor to specific locations.