Some basic stuff

Hi Steinberg,
I think I’m not just speaking for myself when I say that Cubase is the best DAW there is at the moment. I love using it and think it greatly complements my approach to making music. There is one thing however I don’t really get, and that is you not including some basic, long-asked-for features. You guys put a lot of work in things like the chord track or a MIDI loop library, which aren’t bad or getting in the way, but I am sure I’m not alone when I say that there are way more important features to include.
The things I’m talking about are

  • undo for mixer and VST actions
  • a proper sidechaining option
  • the possibility to copy or move effects between tracks (without opening the MixConsole)
  • an easy to use Drum Rack like Ableton’s, with a corresdonding Drum Editor
  • the possibility to connect a MIDI controller when Cubase is already running
  • a less complicated way to set controllers up
  • the possibility to include basic mixer parameters (volume & panning) without having to click every single track
  • get the VST Rack right or remove it, I honestly don’t know what it is there for

Those I think would support creativity and workflow ('cause creativity first!) way more than all of those “Creativity First” features combined. If you added these things with your next update, we all would be incredibly thankful. Don’t get me wrong, I love Cubase and it’s enormous depth, no other DAW comes even close to that. What’s lacking are simple things that make this depth easier accessible. Besides, most competitors include the things I’m talking about.
Pleaase surprise us all and put those in <3

A dedicated, music-loving user