Some bugs and features still not implemented

Hi all,
So a few bugs or lack of implementation that will keep me from using Cubase 13.
The external effects implementation still is not very good.
In Cubase 12 initially, the routings of outboard effects across aggregate device was really bad with Cubase constantly forcing me to reassign outputs for all my outboard effects and I have about 48 channels or so of outboard. Pain in the ass.
Eventually , Cubase must have addressed it somewhat in an update as it would remember the effects as long as I did not change my audio configuration.
Why the audio devices and routings would not just be saved with a project or a template I don’t know.
But Cubase 13 again does not remember audio routings of my external effects.
Also, the behavior of a multi channel plugin like Kontakt is different.
I opened up Vintage Organs in Kontakt on midi channel 1. Played a part.
Opened up a second Vintage organ on midi channel two in a new midi channel but same instance of Kontakt. Then any change I made in any parameter on midi channel 2 also changed the organ on midi channel 1.
So I opened a new VST instrument and a new Vintage organ track. No issues obviously.
Has Cubase changed how it handles multi channel plugins?
The new channel window in the arrange window is very cluttered and hard to read.
In general the new layout of the tracks and arrange page is kind of an assault on the eyes but maybe I will get used to it.
Been using Cubase since 1990. So I am certainly not a novice.


Audio Device cannot be saved in the project. This is a global settings. The Audio Inputs, Outputs, Groups/FXs, External Fx and External Instruments are stored in the project. The Control Room settings is global.

Make sure, the Track is really using the MIDI Channel 2. The MIDI Channel increasing mechanism has been (sadly) removed.

Hi Martin,
I realize the audio device is not saved wit projce.
However why are the routings of external effects not being saved?
Other DAWS are able to save this info.
This is a glaring weakness in Cubase that should be addressed.
And the behavior with the midi channels was happening even when the channel was set on midi channel 2.
Thanks, Paul

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