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Hey guys,

with all big respect for all the people of dorico. It’s always difficult to write the word ‘bug’ - so please take my apologies, but

  1. by co-incident this happened. I’m in 4/4 and i’m inserting a quarter-note triplet. The triplet fills the whole bar. I don’t think this should be possible.
    Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-13 um 16.58.32.png
    still un-answered questions:

I love Dorico and the forum :slight_smile:

  1. Certainly it’s possible. That’s exactly correct. 3 quarter notes in the space of four.

I have a feeling you selected the wrong note value before starting the tuplet. If you want eighth notes tuplets, you have to press 5 before starting the tuplet. It looks like you were in quarter notes, then started the tuplet, then selected eighths.

It may seem confusing, but hopefully you can see how it allows you to subdivide tuplets very easily!

Please don’t bump threads on the forum. The team read this and respond to threads, sometimes it just takes them a little longer to get back to them.

2 and 3 are possibly slightly niche things, by which I mean that the five or so people that spend far too much of their time on this forum are not playback specialists. You’ll need to wait until somebody knowledgeable - in that specific area - takes a look. 48 hours is not an unreasonable amount of time for a thread to have gone unanswered, and bumping is frowned upon here. I’ll take a look at 4. in a minute.

you guys are fantastic…and you are perfectly right. I think the Dorico forum is the best forum I have ever been on…except the cycling74 forum in it’s beginnings.
When I read this strange Sibelius post here I thought like: how spoiled are we to have this forum here and people like you guys or Daniel, John, and and and…or think about Logic - honestly not a lot of things are happening there anymore during the past few years.
Having said I’m a bit ashamed of being too impatient and for having launched this post.
And: most of the things described above happen in the drum part, using a VST drum PlugIn - that can’t be a co-incident, no? :wink: