Some channels cannot be panned?

Hey guys,

I’m very new to Cubase so I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong and this is not a bug, but some channels in my projects cannot be panned (within Cubase), when I pan them right or left they still sound at the center although there is a change in the sound I don’t completely understand, as if something in the mics change.

If I create another instrument with the exact same sample library (it’s a kontakt library), I can pan it without any problems, so it seems like I have exact duplicate channels but one of them doesn’t pan.

What am I getting wrong here? Also, in general can a vst disable the panning effect within Cubase?

Of course I don’t have any effects on any of my channels

Thanks a lot in advance


Could you please attach a screenshot of your MixConsole with the Routing tab open, so we can see, what’s going on in your Mixer, please?

Hello Martin,
Yes sure:

The bass instrument on the left for example doesn’t pan and always stays at the center. There are other instruments with the same problem.

Should I attach other screenshots?

Thanks again in advance


Could you attach the same screenshot with the Strings Group selected, please?

Like this?

Thanks again


Yes, like this. The Group Channel is mono, same as all other Group Channels in your project. Therefore all you root there, everything will be mono. Create stereo Groups instead.


Oh my god I’m so dumb
And you know I also tried to move a channel outside of the folder but forgot that it doesn’t affect the routing of the group (used to Ableton Live)
Thanks a lot!