Some clefs do not play the octave correctly

Dear users and developer,

In the attachment, the orange notes are not played correctly because the octave shifts (8 above clef, 15 above clef, 8 below clef and 15 below clef) are not considered.
Is there any way to play them correctly without touching instruments?

Hi again prko,

Not sure exactly what you mean by “without touching instruments” … if you just mean within Dorico rather than configuring the virtual instruments you’re hooked up to, you can set the transposition in the Expression Map, in semitones. (You’ll have to set it for each playing technique separately, unfortunately.)

Hi samreed,

Thank you for your answer.
When using DAWs, I have been using transposition features of DAW for physical MIDI out, and transposition option for VST instrument.
However, I think notation software should do it automatically when changing clef.

Dorico does not play pitch correctly when using

  • Bass Clef 15 Below
  • Bass Clef 8 Below
  • Treble Clef 15 Above
  • Treble Clef 8 Above

It seems to be a bug to me…

It’s by design. The theory is that it’s bad practice to use transposing clefs to denote transposition - you should use octave lines. This has been discussed before…

Ok, thanks!