"Some contenets could not be loaded" message

Hello all,

Not sure if this is a Cubase or Halion issue so I’ve posted in both forums, can a mod let me know if I should remove one please? Here is my problem:

I mistakenly downloaded and installed the new Halion Sonic update because I didn’t read all the info and thought it was for my version (Halion Sonic 2). The installation failed and I realised my error, so I deleted the files from my system.
The problem is that now I get the error message shown below and I cant find a way of preventing it! I have searched for the four files it says are missing, and they are nowhere to be found??

Anybody got any ideas, or shall I just uninstall and reload my Halion Sonic?

Thanks all,

Jim B

Type the text of the error into your message and title. There is no need to cross-post.

launch eLicenser Control Center / Help / Download latest eLicenser Control Installer / re-install / perform maintenance update

Well if you found them, they wouldn’t be missing :smiley:

Make sure there is no entry in add/remove programs you can use to uninstall (use show installed updates)
Maybe also worth seeing if you can find and delete them in mediabay?