Some Content Could Not Be Loaded Issue

When I start Cubase 12 I get this message “Some Content Could Not Be Loaded”
Alto Glockenspiel, Guitar Harmonics and Halion Symphonic Orchestra are not loading.
When I use the USB eLicenser it works, but not without it.
I already updated the eLicenser Control Center and made the maintenance but it’s still not working.

If these licenses are stored in your USB-eLicenser dongle, then you’ll need to have your dongle connected to your computer for them to work.

The licenses for this content haven’t been migrated to Steinberg Licensing yet.

If can’t keep your dongle connected to your computer, you should either uninstall this content for now using the Steinberg Library Manager, or ignore this message while you wait for the migration.

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Oh ok so I have to wait for Steinberg until they migrate them.
Thank you for the info!