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Hi everyone!
I guess this might be an old issue, but upon spending a few hours for research I did not manage to find a workaround. So I would appreciate if someone could help me to solve the problem.

A year ago I purchased UR 22mkII sound card which came with a free license to use Cubase AI 9.5. The software worked just fine until recently when I switched to a new PC running Windows 10. After having installed Cubase AI 9.5 to the new workstation and passing through the activation, an error message started to pop out at loading of the application (please see the print screen attached).

I have checked my applications and components sections in Windows 10, but failed to find any signs of products listed in the error message (Analog Techno, Blockbuster, Raw Ambience, Hip Hop Vault, Soul Assembly, Mystic Spaces etc.).

If someone has faced with the same issue, please help!

These sounds are included with some versions of Cubase 10. Maybe try downloading the latest eLicense Control Center software and run the maintenance routine while set to run as administrator.

Regards :sunglasses: