Some content could not be loaded

Just installed LE 10 on my laptop. At startup I get this error.

Some content could not be loaded. Either, licenses are missing, or trial licenses have expired.

Allen Morgan Signature Drums
VST3 Presets for Flux
MPE Sounds Retrologue
MPE Sounds Padshop

Any ideas how to fix this annoyance.

Try downloading/installing the latest eLCC software and run the maintenance routine while set to run as administrator.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Thanks Prock. Tried that , no change.

I ended up reformating the computer, then installing Cubase LA again. No issue now.

I think the issue was, I had loaded Pro on it and used my dongle for a bit. I loaded LE to go dongle-less and that’s were the error came from, even after uninstalling all Cubase versions and reloading just LE.