Some content in Recycle Bin after 10.0.20 update

Good Day.

I immediately noticed the following 2 files in the Recycle Bin after installing the Cubase Elements 10.0.20 update.


The original location for these content files was: *C:\ProgramData\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound*

A similar event occurred after updating from Cubase Elements 9.5.x to Cubase Elements 10.x

Any explanation as to why this happens ??

Thanks in advance

Hi Serge & forum members,

I had three files in my trash folder, which I thought were from some experimental work I was doing in the small hours.

I deleted them BEFORE I read this post but they were definitely FCL_SMT files, as your were??

It doesn’t seem to have had an effect on Cubase but it would be interesting to know why they were in the deleted folder??

Jim B

No explanation but, I had the exact same files in the recycle bin. I trashed them with no I’ll effects that I’ve seen.

Regards. :sunglasses:

No ill effects for me either. Mostly just curious.

I’m assuming the content in those files has been re-bundled into other content files, making the old files obsolete.

Maybe someone from Steinberg can shed some light on this.

First boot of Cubase after update and I actually got a halt-warning that [FCL_SMT_222_Basic_Controls] was missing and asked if I wanted to locate it…googling the file name brought me here. So it definitely isn’t required ?

I had 4 Cubase files mysteriously appear in the Recycle Bin after the update. When I attempted to Restore them, a message appeared informing me that there were duplicates in the chosen directory and asked if I wanted to override them. I felt Ok with emptying the recycle bin afterwards.