some corruption, need to reinstall cubase

Hello; about a week ago I started having some errors with Cubase. I have realized that it would be easier to install a clean version of the program instead of trying to figure out what went wrong. I tried to click on the install program but it only re-installs certain features, but does not reinstall Cubase cause it is already installed. Should I first remove all instances of the program before trying to reinstall it? And do I then need to reinstall all updates or are they cumulative to the last up date?

thank you


I would more recommend to remove Cubase preferences (Cubase Safe Start Mode) than reinstallation. By this, you will get Cubase factory settings, which solves some Cubase issues.

where does one go in the program to use the safe mode?


Any web-search engine is your friend. :wink: Here is a video and hereis an article.