Some Cubase 6 related Q's

Hi I bought C 6 yesterday and so far I am very pleased.
It seems to run fine in win xp too, hehe.

My main Q; what are the prices for permanent licenses for Halion Sonic, The Grand 3 SE and Halion Symphonic Orchestra after the demo period has expired?
It says in the package that these will be available to C 6 users at discounted prices…
So how much of a discount do we get? :nerd:

My other Q: where do I go to update my profile and signature?
The user control panel of the forum has no options for this as far as I can see… :ugeek:

All the best, Kim (now proud C6 owner), hehe

hi kim
go to “my steinberg” , click on forum tab and you enter your signature at the bottom


Thank you John, it’s appreciated.

Kim :slight_smile:

Hi Kim,

The Grande 3 and Halion Symphonic Orchestra are $99.99 each. Halion Sonic is $199.99. If you go to Steinberg’s home page and hover over the “Shop” tab, you will find the activation codes under “accessories.”