Some day soon - CS & N cover

Hi all,

This is a cover of a CS & N song by our band Stanhope Road, all recorded on Cubase using VST Connect.

All guitar effects are Cubase, all mixing and mastering is through the standard Cubase mastering template.

Everything you hear on the track is from Cubase and that’s why I love this programme!!

I am really getting into the mixing/mastering process so hope you like the result,

Jim B

very nice but is lacking some serious bass around the 125 hz area at my end ,what monitors are you listening on are they bass heavy ? . when i boosted the bass with a mediumish Q by 9db on my system it sounded good .

Hi polgara,

I actually don’t have any monitors, its all done with headphones :frowning:

Thanks you very much for the tip, I am now off to have a little “re-mix”!!

Jim B

Hi again polgara,

You were absolutely bang on with your comment about the bass!

I did what you suggested and, bang, it sounds so much better!

I cant re-load it on Soundcloud but thanks very much fro the guidance!!!

Jim B

you`re welcome

I’ve never heard the original so I can’t compare in thta manner. But a few things immediately stood out. Lacking bass quite a lot, yeah. The S and T sounds are very harsh on the ears, have you boosted at 2khz or something? Overall it sounds pretty harsh on the ears. Boosted too much EQ to make it exciting? I’ve learned that it’s generally better to cut than boost.

Best, J.

Well done…a good cover, you did well with the harmonies!! agree with the other comments regarding bass etc…
how about some original songs?


Thanks to both Jonathon5456 & Shadowfax,
As Polgara said in his post, I had been reducing a lot of bass, and as Jonathon5456 heard, I have been guilty of boosting EQ which resulted in sibilance on the S & T’s.
I don’t have any monitors so all the mixing and mastering is done through headphones. Once I am happy with a mix I then burn it to a CD so I can listen in the car. It may be that I am sort of missing the wood for the trees, as I have been more interested in an overall sound and haven’t focused on certain elements, which is not the case now thanks to you people.
As far as original songs are concerned, we are in the process of putting some original tunes together where I will be able to try out my developing skills with mixing etc.
Once again thanks very much for the very constructive criticism forum members, it has helped me no end!!

Jim B

Hi Jim B - this is a solid attempt you should be proud of. Glad to hear when others are becoming addicted tot the mixing and mastering :slight_smile: The best advice I could offer you at this point is to always reference your final mix to three of your favorite “commercial” songs preferably from CD (not compressed mp3). As you mentioned it’s easy to lose sight of details in a mix and referencing great tracks has helped me tremendously.

Yeah, I know the challenges of trying to mix on sub-standard equipment all too well. ;p I also used to boost way too much and I think that’s something that most of us have been guilty of at some point.

I stumbled across recently, and watched all that could be useful to me. Some great tips here that I think would help you with mixing. There is a particular video that talks about boosting at 2khz and instead cutting around a frequency that you wanna hear, rather than boosting the frequency you wanna hear. He shows examples of both and the cutting sits much better. I really suggest watching all or most of those 5 min videos if you’re somewhat new to mixing like myself, the concepts and direct tips have helped my mixes a lot.

Great point Jonathan5456. I can speak from experience, all of Graham Cochrane’s (Recording Revolution) offerings paid or free are all worth reviewing. A lot of what he shares is universal enough to apply to any DAW and beginner to advanced. His freebies lead me to purchase a couple of vids.

Aye, the information can be found across a surplus of websites and channels of course, though I find he is concise (gotta be for 5 minute tips videos) in his manner of explaining and the uploads are good quality, which is a big help to newcomers to mixing like myself.