Some differences I note between UR & MR

  1. No “quick connect” feature

  2. Am not able to route adat to phones (losing physical outs that I could use for outboard gear)

  3. No individual phantom power (only in pairs) (not a huge deal, but hope I plug my MKH 416 that takes T power (12 volts) in there by accident!)

  4. Can’t control rev-x and channel strip with knobs on UR interface

Thanks Sunshy for filling us in… It sounds like you’re missing your old MR816… you were saying in another post that it has a higher input latency than the MR too. Keep us up to date on your thoughts if you have the time, I’m in the market for soundcard like this but haven’t decided yet, cheers


I do kind of miss my MR816CSX for a couple of the above mentioned reasons. :frowning: