Some disappointment in the version of Cubase.

Having had the highest level of both Sonar and Studio One, I am a bit mystified that I appear to have the bargain basement version of Cubase. Seems it doesn’t matter that I bought a 1200.00 Yamaha, I’m captive to Cubase. A marketing approach perhaps? Can’t connect to Studio One via my MOXF6; my exit from Sonar cost me that privilege. I suppose I could “upgrade” to avoid wasting the initial download? Still wouldn’t get to the “Professional” version…I’m on a budget after all.

Anyone else feel a bit of a slight? (Yes, I know Yamaha owns Cubase inter alia…)

Was Sonar free?

Cubase AI is included as an alternative or replacement for the built-in MIDI sequencers that these kinds of keyboards used to come with. Think of it like a MOXF sequencer that can be upgraded to a more fully featured DAW at a discount.

Upgrading to at least Cubase Elements isn’t a bad idea if you’re interested. Cubase Elements has more features and content than Cubase AI, and on top of that you’ll get to use Cubase 9.5, which is better polished and has faster workflow and performance than Cubase 7.