some drum n bass?..

yet another attempt to make somehting that resembles music…

have a listen and tell me what you think.

I used some samples from the film “frankenstein” (1931), and primarily sylenth1, razor and massive as synths.

any feedback will be welcomed…

Cool idea and pretty cool sounds. I love drum and bass and electronic music in general, always nice to see other peoples take on it.

I have two suggestions,

The drums seem to be mixed in a little low. Specially for drum and bass you really want to feel that kick coming through.

I like the trancy feel and the repetition, but its tricky keeping that hypnotic feel without it getting boring. There are so many ways you can modulate those synths so that they are in a constant evolving state while playing the same riff. Even if done very subtle it will add an element that keeps the listener engaged, and I mean, what is more fun than twisting knobs into crazy sounds? :mrgreen:

enjoyed the listen.

nice one, thanks for listening and thanks for the comments; I will defo keep that in mind for future productions…

yea, true, drums could be louder (especially the kick)… I can hear that now… but that’s one of the things that I loosing ability to recognize while listening to the same mix over n over again; hopefully that will improve with time. And you’re absolutely right to say that the track woudl do with some more variations / modulations to the bassline. I will try to add some more macros and stuff instead of keeping it plain.

thanks for the feedback. much appreciated! :sunglasses:

Nice track. I agree that the bass is WAY to low in the mix