Some Engraving Options don't work well

I’m in trouble with Engraving Options (Dorico 2.1 on macOS)

  1. [Articulaions]>[Horizontal Position]>[Horizontal Position of staccato on stem side]
    When I set “Center on notehead” or “Half-centre” and then re-open the file,
    the option is unintentionally set “Center of stem.”

  2. [Pedal Lines]>[Horizontal Position]>[Gap before note following end of pedal line]
    When writing Pedal Lines:
    and then adding ossia, the option doesn’t work:
    How do I fix?
    These may be bugs…

Thanks for reporting these problems. The first one is indeed a bug (the value is saved correctly, but it is not loaded correctly), and we will fix this for the next update.

I will need to discuss the second problem with the team and see what’s going on there. I’ll report back once I know a bit more about it.

Thank you, Daniel.
I’m looking forward to the staccato bug fixed.

On the second problem, see this image in brief.

Can you reproduce this behaviour?

(Dorico 2.1.10)

Yes, we know about the problem with pedal lines becoming mis-aligned when an ossia is present. This bug is already fixed in our internal builds and will be fixed in the next update.

Daniel, the pedal lines also become misaligned when you add a non-ossia staff. Is this case fixed as well?

Yes, it is.

It seems like the fix unfortunately didn’t make it into the 2.1.1. update. Is there a workaround for the stacc.-option?

No, this fix was not included in the 2.1.10 update, but will be in the next one. The only workaround is to change the value after loading the project, before printing.