Some experiences with Dorico 4.0.10

Today I finished a project with Dorico 4.0.10, EW Symphonic Choirs and VSL Synchron instruments.

For me a good moment to evaluate 6 weeks working with Dorico 4.

A few personal experiences.

  • Working with the key editor on the write tab works great, despise the fact, that it isn’t finished yet (so in the near future the experience will only get better!)
  • The histogram for velocity values works great.
  • The filter helped me to solve a synchronize issue between a phrase of the tenors and the oboe
  • The play section helped me to solve a problem with a transition to a new configuration of my last project (working first on one computer, now on 2 computers).
  • The EW Symphonic choirs works fine with Play 6 now.
  • The jump bar saved time.
  • The possibility to choose if you want activate playback when opening a Dorico file is a big time saver.

For who might be interested, here is a link to the audio of the last project. I placed the players and singers in a big church venue, to get the most natural result.
Christmas Cantata


Wowzers; that 13 min .wav file is 143.6mb! And that’s only at 16bit 44.1. Something odd about how it was exported because it shouldn’t be anywhere near that large. Compress that bad boy…

Screen Shot 2022-02-24 at 8.10.45 AM

That said, impressive mockup. (Although EW choirs falters in the fast passages.) The orchestral stuff sounds really good, in particular. The slow strings at the beginning of the second passage were really nice.

Hi Romanos, for a .wav file of 13 minutes duration, that size is about right. FLAC would be better of course.

I don’t see where this is surprising. 74 minutes of 16bits/44.1kHz fit a CD (700MB)

Well, I stand corrected then. I guess I just haven’t seen an audio file top 100mb in a while. Compressed (lossless & lossy) are so common these days.

Thanks, Romanos, for your feedback.

This is indeed an impressive mockup (and a nicely written piece as well!). You seemed to have tamed the notorious Symphonic Choirs – I can only get anywhere near this with the Hollywood Choirs which are easier to programme.