Some feature requests for ties


  1. I use a lot of trills with auxiliary note appearance. I have the problem that if there’s a tie after the main note, this tie often collides with the auxiliary note… It would be great if the note spacing algorithm could take care of this situation and begin the tie after the auxiliary note.
  2. Also related to ties: there is the option to make the lenght of ties in chors uniform (I have it checked). This option, though, does not affect the “laissez vibr.” ties, which would be great to be able to vertically align by default.
  3. Finally, if you select a tied note in write mode that have a system break in the middle, and then you change to engrave mode, only the part of the tied note that is in the first system is selected. So to make engraving changes to whole tied note you have to untie it first… Is that intended?

Thank you in advance!


The spacing problem of 1) happens also for glissando lines from notes that have a trill with auxiliary notes

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Yup. Just hit the “trill to” note tie collision today on a M3 trill.

(Easy to fix in Engrave mode, of course!)