Some feature requests

Just tried out WL12 a bit and really liking the new features! I have to mess around a bit more with it to get a better picture but so far so good.

I have a few feature requests that I brought up at some point, I would of course have been great to see them implemented but unfortunately this wasn’t the case this time. I’ll just highlight them in case this is something that is not way too complicated to add at some point:

  • Possibility to include dithering in the render presets. It would speed things up a lot for me at least when I for example need to render DDP, 16 bit wav, 24 bit wav and so on from the same montage. If dithering was available at that stage, I could create a multi-format render and let the machine do its work. As it is now, I have to change dithering settings manually all the time for different presets, so it requires my supervision.

  • Automatic names in the Album Report. The main thing here would be to add “Side A”, “Side B” and so on to the file name when creating reports for vinyl. Even better if we could chose to make reports for several track groups at the same time. This type of file naming is possible in the Render for example (Scheme, including an example below)


(Pretty sure I had one more request but I can’t remember right now)

+1 for this.

From what info the naming scheme should decide if “Side A” or “Side B” should be included?
From the title group?

For my purposes, it would be the entire naming scheme.

When I render vinyl sides I manually put this in the name field:

Then for vinyl (and cassette) sides I have the Naming Scheme add _SIDE_A and _SIDE_B etc. to the final name based on the Title Group.

If the Album Report names could fully match the WAV file I name I created for each side that would be a nice time saver.

Right now I have to manually enter this and the default name for the Album Report seems to be the full montage name which is sometimes nice, but not for vinyl & cassette masters.

From here:
But everything Justin just mentioned would be ace.

Yes. For me it’s important for the rendered file name and the report for each side to have the same name so it’s easy for the cutting engineer to look at.

I also manually add a large SIDE A and SIDE B text in red on the generated PDF via the Preview app because what WaveLab does isn’t as noticeable.

Taking it one step further, maybe an option to create a single PDF file with all the sides included (automatic page breaks to divide them up, for example)

Yeah, I’ve often thought about that but the reports are already so bloated that I like doing one report per side so for vinyl, most albums fit on one PDF page.

The entire Album Report needs a big overhaul in my opinion . For CD/digtial albums, they can take up to 2 or 3 pages.

I remember back when I used Waveburner (before WaveLab was on Mac) it could easily fit a full typical album and all its data on one page and everything was clear.

I think HOFA is close to that too.

I did mean separate reports (i.e. the table and so on), it was just about getting them in the same PDF document. Not a biggie, but a few clicks less.

Hi Justin,

let me know what you think of this :

I saw it. It’s OK but I don’t think the solution is better than the problem.

It seems to be missing the Total Time, start time, and a lot of other info. It’s more compact but when I save it as a PDF, it has a TON of extra white space around the info.

I think it needs too much work to use and for me, it’s too much work to run every project through this script on the web.

I hope someday WaveLab can produce great looking PDF reports that are sleek, modern, and not mildly embarrassing to send out.