some features for next version after quick look at 8.5...

Have to say I really like Wavelab and the reason I do is because it really has a snappy interface… Anyways I am looking at it to replace SF (disgusted at Sony support) and issues with SF strange handling of plugin chains…

I hope to use Wavelab as my effect chain player for various creative uses mainly.

Right away I have a few suggestions
1- I hope WL will copy Cubase’s handling of searching for VST - easy typing to search
2- better way to more easily access plugins properties via right click to edit tags, remove from list, sort etc.
3- better built in solution for old 32 bit plugins to use with 64 bit version (like import)
4- right away my synths also showed up in the plugin list and that didn’t seem right
5- more clear and easy way to save and load FX chains (master section)

Sadly ATM I am not going to buy this just because to me, the Master section area seems still behind as far as GUI and features. The look is too old-school compared to Cubases more complex handling and easier search methods…


If the master section is the only reason to not use WL, maybe you should give it another look. Many use WL without ever touching the master section. Did you give the montage a go?


Yes. Check out the montage master section. It saves with the montage without extra work.

I have a few “go to” montage master presets that I can recall with one key click and then one mouse click.

I only use the global master section for restoration type work using RX4 in the edit side of Wavelab to spot process small sections of files, or sometimes the entire file. Something I want to permanently write into the file.

For montage work, I never use the master section except sometimes to insert a special plugin meter, or Sonnox ProCodec to temporarily audition through certain codecs…but never for an important part of the mastering itself. All that stays in the montage master (including dither) or on certain audio clips as needed.

I use a lot of different plugin brands and I can’t think of any that are 32-bit only, but there is something called 32 Lives that is said to work for this purpose. I don’t see a need for a native solution in Wavelab to support 32-bit plugins.

If you must use 32-bit plugins, just install 32-bit WaveLab

“Options->Plug-in settings” and you can decide what you want to see.