Some features Logic has that Cubase might?

+1 and some more:

  • The ability to adjust volume of each VariAudio segment (like in Flex Pitch) - great for workflow when adjusting vocals

  • Ability to move warp markers and warp a region right from the arrange page (vs. going to the sample editor). Makes it way easier to align backing tracks or doubled tracks.

What don’t you like about the In Place Editor? Personally I prefer the In Place Editor over a docked window on the bottom. You can have multiple In Place Editors open at the same time. It also makes lining up midi notes with audio directly on the arrange page super easy.

In Cubase its called the List Editor. You can set it up so the window opens on the right or anywhere else you want.

You can do all this (and more) in the Infoline at the top of the arrange page.

The docking windows are great. Hopefully Cubase will get a good implementation of it in the reworking or the Project window, which SB announced a while back

In the mean time, you can configure workspaces. Have you ever used them?

Big one:

Lack of dongle.

Recent thread here highlights one of the many problems which can occur when your DAW software is tied to a cheap dongle. (Downtime!!)

I feel for this guy…

i think Steinberg should move this to miscellaneous as it will just turn in to a moaning ear bashing towards Steinberg and repeating the same old bla bla bla .

workspaces are great for static windows ie mixer arrange full arrange , mixer with different views media bay side by side with arrange page … but they are just that ‘static’ the second you open a new editor window the state of the workspace is compromised … dockable edit windows incorporated within a work space would be fantastic

Logic has sample accurate automation; Cubase does not (it depends on your soundcard buffer size and latency due to plugins!) :open_mouth:

Change the buffer size, or add more latency causing plugins, and all your meticulously drawn automation will now sound different :confused:

I’d love to have sample accurate automation in Cubase.

I am not so sure it does, this Logic user has laid it out:

Ironic, because while pointing out the problems with automation in Logic X, he said automation in Cubase worked better. But it’s not better, just different.

This is nothing compared to 11 years ago when Apple purchased eMagic and immediately discontinued the PC version of Logic. These forums were inundated with new Cubase owners that hadn’t really appreciated that the rest of the world didn’t operate like Logic. What a bunch of whingers they were! Taking all their frustration at being left out to dry by Apple on Steinberg instead.

We were about to buy Logic when we were doing our CD because the two musicians we had on the CD were using it. We decided to go with Cubase and not use Apple because we needed to use PCs for the IT side of the business. The two musos took ages to decide what to replace Logic with.