Some First Impressions

The laptop in your sig has an i5 with DirectX 12 compatible GPU built in?

Ha, while being on the road I read this thread. Now, back to Cubase, I also have the blank GUI inside of Cubase! I swear it has worked before.

What’s happening? I have a GForce GT730 installed and also updated the drivers. Stays blank…

Can you send me all the log files you have in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Steinberg\SpectraLayers Pro\logs ? There might be some graphic rendering errors shown there that could help identify the issue. Did the issue started appearing before you updated the graphic drivers ?
Does it fix the issue if you switch to OpenGL and restart ? If so, also please send me the new log files after switching to OpenGL.
You can send the log file to contact [at], or in PM.

It happened before updating drivers, actually updated to eventually fix it. How do I switch to OPEN GL?

Edit > Preferences > Display > Rendering API. This need a full restart of SL/Cubase.

Ah, ok! I’ve been looking for it in Windows setting…

It’s working with Open GL, display is back! :slight_smile:

Well, my point was that the GPU hardware can be seen as a general purpose massively parallel compute engine. DX12 is a software stack that utilizes the GPU for graphical operations. But I believe audio processing could be parallelized in a similar way. I am not aware of a software stack that makes this convenient for developers. It is natural that video got Nvidia’s attention. Video is a much bigger market and opportunity. Nonetheless, I’d like to think that eventually the audio world will find a way to utilize this massive compute power.

Here are some interesting references to that:

The short version of the story seems to be that lots of people report improved DAW performance when upgrading their video card, but that is almost entirely from offloading video processing from the CPU and better memory access, making more CPU and memory access available to the DAW and plug-ins. There was evidently one effort to parallelize a convolution reverb with limited success.

It should be noted that many of the plug-ins use very elaborate GUIs now, and that may benefit from an upgraded GPU, even if the GPU isn’t doing anything for the audio processing.

When will there be more videos or tutorials that have actual audio examples in them? When is the first update coming? I am excited about the idea of this but would really like some good examples and tutorials on how to get the most out of the software :slight_smile:.

First update next week, and example videos in the making.

Thank you, Robin!

SL update 6.0.10 sees improvements in the selection (no more lagging when many selections are made).

How are the example videos progressing please? Will they be available well before the introductory offer finishes?