Some Free Video and Audio Software...

I bought a “Humble Bundle” deal for $25 that includes Vegas Pro Edit 15 and a bunch of other stuff. Most of the other stuff Vegas Pro renders obsolete, such as, Fastcut Plus, and Vegas Movie Studio, which are are decent video editing programs. It also includes Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 which I can’t imagine being useful to me. Anyway, I am happy to give the activation codes for these three to someone who is interested. Just send me a PM and which software you would like (please just one per person). Lastly, I really don’t know if this will actually work. I have an activation code and a link for download but just in case there is some reason it doesn’t work, I can’t be held responsible.

BTW, the bundle is a pretty great deal just getting Vegas Pro Edit 15 and HitFilm Movie Essentials effects pack for $25. Worth checking out.

thx for the heads up=)

The Vegas Movie Studio has found a home and the process worked. I still have Fastcut Plus and Sound Forge Audio Studio 12. I am just going to post the codes and links here. First come, first served…

Fast Cut Plus code.
Download Link.

Sound Forge Audio Studio 12 code.
Download Link.
Magix Audio Cleaning Lab code (comes with Sound Forge).

If you use one of the codes, please post a reply so someone else doesn’t waste their time. Thanks and enjoy!

Thanks, I’ll check those out :slight_smile: !

Thanks for the codes, jaslan!