Some 'funkiness' with Background Colours dialog - UI topic (minor/low priority). Now v5.0.20

Elements edition. v5.0.10 Win 10

I ran a forum search first, thinking this is likely some Qt weirdness/quirk; nothing useful returned. Anyway, probably already logged ‘known issues’, awaiting necessary time/resource. Or, might it be me and my system…? :wink:

All settings as defaults here. Am in ‘Write’ mode.

  1. Preferences → Colors → Background Colours.
    Upon first opening, should this UI be showing the ‘Single Colour’ button highlighted in blue here.? My expectation would be for the ‘Gradient’ button to be highlighted instead, since my main working music area and the long ‘colour bar/strip’ indication below the buttons, is already displaying as a gradient colour.
    In short, the ‘Single color’ button seems wrong. And the ‘Stop 1 -4’ colour box display values are wrong (they should all be ‘active’).

Now click on the Gradient Colour button, it turns blue and the colour bar indication, doesn’t change. Good. And now the ‘Stop 1 - 4’ colour box values are all active. Good. Ok; my expected behaviour (it’s a dynamic UI of course).

Next, clicking back on the ‘Single Colour’ button. Now the colour bar indication updates to reflect the new state, displaying a single solid colour. And ‘Stop 1’ colour box is the only one active. This is good.

I don’t press ‘Apply’ just now, instead choosing to ‘Close’ and ‘Discard changes’. I want to experiment some more. :slight_smile:

  1. With the ‘Gradient Colour’ button again active/highlighted, choose any of the ‘Preset’ colours (schemes/themes.?) from the drop-down menu box to the right. Note there’s no associated gradient colour bar indication displayed, for that Preset. In fact all the Gradient Presets display in the colour bar as a solid/single colour. Though I’m assuming it should be a gradient - all the ‘Stop 1 - 4’ colour box values are active and they show the different colours (of the gradient) as per the preset.

  2. Note also:- the Gradient Preset name displayed in the menu box.
    In upper ‘Write’ mode category, this always reads as ‘Custom’. Unlike for lower ‘Engrave’ mode where, as expected, it retains the chosen Preset name. (see below)

Of course, as said at the start, I might have misunderstood the workings of things in here…

There are definitely some infelicities in the behaviour of this dialog in Dorico 5.0.10. I spent some time working on it a week or two ago, and I think you’ll find things better in the next update when it arrives.

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Thanks for checking Daniel. I was actually ready to post this a couple of weeks back, got distracted. Happier it was now instead. :smiley:

(BTW - had to look that one up… not seen/used very often.!)

Anyway, good to hear. :+1:

related: Bug in background color change

Thanks @musinaut - exactly related.!

Slightly troubling, is that should definitely have come up in my search… :man_shrugging:

All good - Daniel’s got it covered.!

Hi @dspreadbury

Well, whatever’s ‘been worked on’ in this dialog, seems its changed nothing of all that I reported here. Maybe fixes didn’t come across this time…?

Updated to 5.0.20 and I rebooted my machine. Is it just me.? Anyone else.?

For example, just try point 3 above:- Gradient Preset names are not persistent (displayed) once chosen in ‘Write mode’ section, but are in ‘Engrave mode’ section.

(look to @musinaut related thread as well).

Yes. Still occurring. It (the UI) used to work when this was introduced (4.0?) but more recently selecting Gradient then makes it show “Preset: Custom” instead of the Gradient selected, and the color bar does not update like it should, until the Reset icon (circle arrow) is pressed. Or sometimes if some other fiddly things pressed or something. Not a big deal but requires fiddling to get it to choose and then apply.

Hi - been prompted/notified of your response here @superblonde

I have updated to v5.1.30 (and now brought my sig/profile info in step) - and yes, agreed; all findings in my initial post are still there. This, despite Daniels subsequent indication there should have been improvements coming, he’d worked on himself…

Its no great shakes at all, I agree… only unusual in that its still been seemingly ‘overlooked’ (since v5.0.20)