Some grace note difficulty

I am having trouble seeing quite how to do this:

Any pointers, anyone?

You mean the reverse slash? I don’t think Dorico can do that natively.

Noi, not that detail, more basic than that. How to do these rgace and get that approximate note spacing and voicing. Or is there some way to do this with 10:8 tuplets - I cant figure out how to get quaver beaming in that case. I’m just stuck altogther. The lash is unimportant.

normal tuplets (10:1e … ) scaled to grace … etc. … close enough?


@fratveno superb! Let me see if I can do that.

How do you get the long stem of the Db to cross over the bass stave? When I try, it pushes the staff away.

Is the Db a bass-clef note moved to the top staff? Or is it another (suppressed) bass-clef pitch moved, shrunk, and grafted onto the tuplet.

@fratveno , can you show your image with voice colors displayed?

Must be in the bass because then the 32 and the rest add up, and the long stem shows this (typically used by my colleague). But I can’t duplicate this.

attaching the dorico file :slight_smile: gracenotesasscalednormalnotes.dorico (366.3 KB)

Yes., it’s two entries. one with a hidden notehead in the bass. It’s not a 100% solution as it stands, but… :innocent:

This is what I thought @fratveno did, but he will correct me if I am wrong.