Some great live jazz and a big band project.

Hello all,

Been awhile since I visited. Been busy the last few months with several projects and thought I’d share a bit here. I’m in the middle of a series of jazz concerts called Jazz Vespers. Did live sound and recorded the series last year. Just did the second concert and for this one we did a video of it. The audio is a still rough mix but we wanted to get it out fast to promote the show. The videos are up on Youtube…

The band is REALLY good…same as last year. For the techies I wrote up a pretty in depth Session bLog thats up on my web site. You can find it here…

I’m also finishing up editing/mixing a big band location recording. Dont have all the tracks up yet but you can listen to some of them here…

Hope you enjoy them.

I see quite a few posts with name I know so howdy to everyone I haven’t spoken with in awhile. Hope all is well.

All the best,


hi karl

this is not really what im into and the video to which this link goes was a little to slow for me, i did however see the link to the stairway to heaven video and this i really liked, i think i would have preffered it though if your piano player stayed on the piano to strut his stuff rather than move to the keyboard, this is not criticism but taste of course, i’m a big Guns N Roses fan and i like songs like estranged, street of dreams or november rain where axl rose can go nuts on the piano (live anyway)

you are clearly a talented bunch though, good luck with jazz vespers

This is excellent. Don’t normally listen to Jazz but this is amazing.

Welcome back btw :slight_smile:

agree with strophoid…

I just clicked the third link and didn’t particularly like the first song, although it’s obviously very well-arranged and sang.

The second song I really enjoyed listening to a few times, I happen to really like that kind of music though. The composition, arrangement and performances were all great.

The fourth song didn’t do anything for me I’m afraid, obviously well written and everything again, just couldn’t get into it. I’m sure fans of the style will love it.

The sixth song was nice and relaxing, I love the brass swells and harmonies too.

Seventh one didn’t really appeal to me either, not a fan of fast bass lines like that!

Overall great stuff, all composed, arranged and performed well and I’m sure the final masters will sound great too. I would rather hear more with the singer though. The second song was the best one out of the ones there in my opinion. Well done with the project so far!