Some GUI Design Suggestions about Cubase 7

I just bought Cubase 6.5.
In my opinion it seems more efficient if it contains the following improvements in its next version:

  1. (Windows Platform) Use SDI Form Structure INSTEAD OF MDI Form Structure (just like Cubase 6.5 on OSX).
    MDI Form Structure often made the GUI into a MESS when I press F3 (Mixer) or F11 (VST Rack Window).
    It’s terrible to arrange those child-windows manually.

  2. Use dock-based window style (similar to Sonar X1 or Adobe Photoshop (upper than CS4)).
    Especially, SONAR X1 could easily use shortcut keys to open or hide docks.
    (It could be designed as an optional function, because some Cubase users hate such design.)
    Maybe AT LEAST these child-windows could be docked on the Taskbar when using SDI Form Structure.
    Cubase on Windows should have same window-arranging experience like Cubase on Mac OSX.

  3. (Windows Platform) Make the font size a little more bigger and use FREETYPE font-rendering (looks like OSX’s font rendering style), or it may looks terrible when using Japanese and Chinese Language interface (and it’s bad for eyes).

  4. (Windows Platform) Allow users to personalize the font of CUBASE.

  5. The Chinese(Simplified) Language interface translation still needs improvement. I’m looking forward to see the OFFICIAL traditional Chinese Language interface soon.

i’ve tried sonar x1 on a laptop. horrible interface for me! the windows all docked meant that the usable arrangement area for parts was about 2 inches high by 6 inches wide (on a 15.4 inch screen!).
i’d hate to see cubase do this, unless the docking was optional. don’t know why so many people seem to want docking…
on the other hand, i also use sony vegas pro. it does use docking, but i think they get away with it because the overall interface is so plain and boring anyway! one thing that would be good for me is to have a docked transport and info bar at the bottom, just like the old atari cubase.

Yeah, well, it should be optional (as my true opinion).
What I really disgusted is the disadvantage of MDI Form Structure.
Cubase 6 on MAC using SDI Form Structure and OSX-Docking, it’s very comfortable.
Why not Cubase on Windows use SDI Form Structure and Taskbar for Docking? (Let us forget about Vista and WinXP)
The Transport Block could be designed so that it could spontaneously moved under the cursor when some hotkey pressed, or docked like SONAR X1.

P.S.: SONAR X1’s available screen area could be extremely expanded when you press “C” “I” “B” “D”, then the Transport Box / Multidock / Inspector / Media Browser are totally hidden, then you can get the maximum screen area for work.

As long as multi monitor support is left alone! I like it the way it is. Maybe a switch for better handling on single monitor users

Agree, absolutely 100% Eddie…

Look, ok - change is coming; it has to. Its the way the industry survives.

But, speaking to the OP now, I don’t want Sonar X1 or PhotoShop or Studio One interface for Cubase thank you. So maybe it could be an optional thing; maybe, I don’t have to upgrade…!

Whatever they do, I want Cubase to be Cubase. I hope they come up with something entirely of their own.! Or at least something that keeps Cubase as Cubase - not turn it into some other ‘clone’ software. :slight_smile:

So, at least it should have identical window-arranging experience to the CUBASE for OSX.

Psst…! That’s pretty close to how Cubase can work for you now.! I know you are responding to someone else, but do you like this yourself, or are you still complaining you want Cubase to be more like Sonar (is it that you just like a ‘docking’ UI - this would really help your workflow, etc, etc…?)

Ok - I have heard this is a nice way of working; I would need to see myself of course (windows only here…! Oh, and Vista too, which I am still managing to get on with just fine… :wink: )

I complaint more about the difference of window-arranging experience between Cubase for Windows and Cubase for OSX.
(not only for this, but font rendering.)
It could be solved, just treat Windows 7/8’s taskbar as OSX’s dock, and use SDI Form Structure.

Aloha guys,

Interesting thread.

Especially when you consider that Windows ‘Metro’ will ship soon.

From what I have read (and heard on some podcasts)
things could get really interesting using Cubase or any DAW.


Just ignore the metro interface, Windows 8 (consumer preview) x64 is still more stable and efficient than Win7x64 on my Thinkpad T520.
Both Sonar X1 and Cubase 6 could have better performance on Windows 8.
(Lenovo official drivers for Windows 7 have poor capability on native UEFI system, it BSODs everyday.)

How so?

I hope Cubase doesn’t adopt something to fit metro’s style. Or stop supporting Windows 7 anytime soon.
Took one look at it on wikipedia.
:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
I liked Luna and Aero. I want a desktop, not a phone.

The classic desktop STILL EXISTS on Windows 8, more efficient than Windows 7.
(I also think I seldom use those metro-based apps.)

I am hoping Win7 will be the “xp” of the future for some time to come… (as in how long XP has served as as stable windoze platform). Why are we all so bent on following the foolish upgrade schedules of manufacturers? Being on the bleeding edge is okay (for some) for general line computing, but for this sort of work (DAW) stability counts way more than interface bells and whistles.

I upgrade to Windows 8 mainly because the stability and performance, with barely no compatibility problems.
My condition is not suitable for everyone… My friend’s laptop couldn’t run Windows 8 well due to the lack of drivers.
For you, maybe Windows 7 is your best choice.

Well, that’s a little out of the topic.
I post this thread mainly want to suggest Steinberg to let the Windows-based Cubase inherit the OSX-based version’s experiences, especially about window-arranging(treat Windows Taskbar as OSX’s dock) and Font Rendering.

Not to deviate here, but Windows 8 is a beta product for one, it should not be used to measure what RTM will be. Second, it seems Windows 7 is not ShikiSuen problem, but his laptop. :ugeek:

“(Lenovo official drivers for Windows 7 have poor capability on native UEFI system, it BSODs everyday.)”

Windows 8’s native UEFI support is pretty better than Windows 7.
Both SONAR X1 and Cubase 6.5 could have better performance on Windows 8 than on Windows 7.

Ooooh, somebody who tried win8!

my main beef with win7 is the lack of … all that was good with XP! WHAT HAVE THEY DONE! Who check this out and OKed it? Nothing works properly any more, you don’t see what’s selected, you can’t search and find everything, it takes forever to search and just about everything in Windows Explorer is a dysfunctional mess!!! :imp:

Please, say it’s back to normal or changed again for the better :confused: SOMETHING other than win7 WE.

Which is changing as we discuss this topic.

As the Mac OS moves closer and closer (10.8 out this summer) to iOS,
many kool things in OSX may change.

1-What will Cubase then look like?

2-How will this affect work-flo?

3-What does ‘iOS/Metro’ mean to Steinberg to be able to
maintain cross platform compatibility?

—future so bright, gotta wear shades!
or in my case, shade


How many studios are going to run on tablets? If all the OS developers turn their back on the desktop concept, they are fools. No offence to those who embrace tablets and their specialized OS’s, but I don’t believe most of you would want to use these devices for serious production.

my 2 cents worth.

C7 should focus on window management lacking in all previous versions.