Some Halion 6 Questions

How do I save the effects I add into a patch I created? When I try to open a patch I saved, there is no fx…

Edit I found out how :smiley:

Is there a way to apply a single cutoff to many layers or zones?

Also, when recording hardware, is it necessary to hit record for every single note? I have it set to audio detect and it records, but for it to record another note, I have to manually hit record and it gets annoying after a bit. How would I record velocity layers also?

Also, is there a way to sample Halion Itself within Halion? :smiley:

There are settings in the record section to trigger recording via midi note on/off. Some good youtube videos on it and it works very well.

As for the filter cutoff, I gave up after HOURS trying to do this! :open_mouth:

If you mean a Filter Cutoff, you can do it as an insert effect instead of being a part of an individual Zone’s voice engine.

I.e. create (for example) the Auto Filter as an Insert effect on the bus for the entire program (usually labelled Program-Bus).

In the attached image, I have it in Slot 4 of the Program bus. From here you could assign it to a Quick Control etc.

Cool! Thanks so much guys! That is a good idea with the auto filter, I think I tried that once too, but it the lfo was active so I dismissed that as an option. A look at your photo shows there is a depth knob to the lfo, so it should work if I set that right, though, it would have its drawbacks. It won’t adjust the relative position of all the other filters, but would act like a global filter – still useful at times, no doubt.

I think though I was able to do something that does preserve the relative position of the other filters, simply assign multiple cutoff filters to the same assignment knob, at the program level. I was able to create some nice pseudo style formant this way, maybe I’ll make a video soon showing what I mean :sunglasses:

Just an update, I was able to sort everything out recording wise after watching those videos about it on youtube. I basically just needed to use the auto next option, mapped to white keys, and triggered by audio threshold (midi on and off doesn’t work for some reason. I was able to record about 40 patches of my Nord 2 lead :smiley:

can you guys reference those youtube videos ?

kind regards,

Hey, this video explains the sampling method :smiley:

If you give me a bit, I can make a quick video about routing the filters to make a formant like effect :wink:

Here’s that video I mentioned I would create :slight_smile:

Halion 6 Tutorial - Assigning Multiple Filters To A Single Macro (Creating A Formant Like Effect)

Description from YT

It took me a while to figure out how to assigning a global filter across many layers, so I decided to share a very quick tutorial on how to do it. This method has many applications, one of which is to create a formant like effect using band pass filters at high resonance with different filter cutoff points on each layer. The master filter would then shift each of the filters relative position. Furthermore, this method can be used for any parameter. The key is assign the macro to the program layer and do the same for each parameter on each layer you want to control.

Some parts of the video, the bass and drums are out of sync, apologies in advance.

Is there a way to assign reverb amount to the Modulation Wheel? I want a dry sound but only reverb when the MW is moved, is this possible?

Also, how can I automate the modulation wheel?

Also, If I just turn audio warp on when using samples, does it effect the sound in any way just being on? It seems a bit of the stereo field is lost and some pitch adjustments. This is important if I just want to tweak the formant on the MW but keep the original sound pristine!