Some ideas about the fade in/out editors

Hi guys,

Constructive feedback time:

I always had a hard time getting the click right in order to open the fade editor on a particular event. One of Cubase’s most beautiful things is the way it handles clip gain and fade options for the audio events, but getting into the fade editor was always a PITA.

That didn’t change with Cubase 7. It seems like the “thick fade lines” option vanished and now all the fade lines are thicker by default, but getting the click right is still kind of hit and miss. Lots of misses for a hit.

I ended up assigning a shortcut to “Audio/Open Fade Editors”, which opens both fade in/out dialogs when I just want to adjust one. So Steinberg, can you please consider adding the option for “edit fade in” AND “edit fade out” shortcuts?



The way Cubase handles those windows is infuriating! :angry: :astonished:

in fact, I´m surprised when I manage to open the fader editor at the first try…

Ain’t that the truth. :unamused:

Shades of Crowley :wink:

Hmm, I never have a problem… I double click the triangle delimited by the fade line and the dialog opens every time. This is as opposed to clicking the fade line itself which doesn’t really work. Unless this has changed the latest version?

However, a suggestion to Steinberg is that they also allow ‘double click to open’ when hovering over the fade handle and the cursor has changed to the fade icon. And then perhaps making the catchment area a bit wider beyond the boundary of the fade line. That’d be very clear then I think.


I use a keycommand for that since forever. Even forgot there’s another way to bring up the editors :laughing:

Not so with crossfades. That one I open by a doubleclick which is easy and works everytime.

GargoyleStudio, the reason you never have a problem is because you are doing it right. If you you were as smart as some of the rest of us you would be doing it wrong, but luckily you do not have the same amount of intelligence as we do. You are differently intelligenced. Wait. It is some of the rest of us who are differently intelligenced.

There. I got that right.

Also, I no longer have challenges opening the fade editors.

Hehe… But I love the 50/50 gamble of double-clicking the line, will it open the fade editor, will the sample editor open :wink: