Some ideas for Comments, Rehearsal marks and the Status bar

Hello everyone,

When working with new editions of old manuscripts, the Comments feature is really great. Suggestions for improvement:

  1. Vertical comments. Now the comment can span bars, but it would be nice if it could span staves as well so that the instrument column when exporting could be ”Oboe 1, Horn 1” for instance. With a selection of groups of instruments it could get reduced to “Clarinets, Strings” or “Tutti”.

  2. Option to using abbreviated instrument names in comments. Very useful if you use the comment export feature as a basis for a critical commentary.

Rehearsal marks:

  1. Rehearsal Marks export/hiding. When working with old manuscripts I usually set a RM for each new page in the source – this is very useful for navigating. In the layout phase they have to be deleted, but it would be good to be able to just hide them to keep the navigation possibility. Exporting would be useful for going the other way around – export a list of RM’s with their respective bar numbers to use when you want to write the bar numbers in the source manuscript.

Status bar:

  1. Bar count: With a selection of bars the status bar tells you ”Bars 17-23” for instance. It would be handy with ”Bars 17-23 (7)".
  2. Stave/system count would also be good to see in the status bar, along with that percentage showing how full the page is (usually seen in Engrave Staff Spacing Mode)
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