Some Ideas for Piano Roll

Hi everybody,

I am currently looking for a new DAW software as my current DAW (Orion) was discontinued by the developer. One of my favourites so far is Cubase! I really like most of its features. However the piano roll feels a little bit clumsy compared to the piano roll in Orion (and some other DAWs).

These are the two main issues for me:

  • The height of the note rows C, E, F and H differs from the height of the other notes. This can be very irritating when placing notes. An option to give all rows the same height would be great!
  • The piano roll of Orion was easy to use: Left click for inserting a note, Left drag for moving a note, left drag at the borders for editing the length of a note and right click for deleting a note. Having to press ALT before drawing a note (or switching to draw mode) in Cubase just feels less “natural”.

Just my 2 Cents :slight_smile:.


For a while there I agreed with you. However, if you hold CTRL and click you can draw in without having to select the pencil tool. :slight_smile: