Some ideas for setup mode

When working in setup mode, Dorico makes some automatic assumptions when creating new flows, new layouts or new instruments. Is there currently way to change this behaviour?

For example,

-if a new flow is created, it is added to every layout and has all of the instruments.
-If new score layout is created, it has all of the flows and instruments.
-And finally if a new instrument is created, I think it is added to every flow.

I might not remember all of these correctly, but if you have a very large project it can take a very long time to remove unnecessary instruments/flows/layouts after something is created in setup mode.

It would be a great time saver if when creating/duplicating a flow/instrument/(layout) a dialog would open where one could beforehand decide exactly what is being added where.

Even an option where one could create an empty flow (it is added to none of the layouts and has no instruments) would be very useful.

I just needed to duplicate a 45 minute flow and remove all but one instrument from it - it took me about the same time as writing this post. (I had to export that one instrument as a midi file to create a tempo track for a recording session. For some reason dorico’s built in tempo track export did not produce anything at all.)

A couple of tips for the future (though they won’t necessarily help you in this exact scenario):

  1. Custom Layouts don’t automatically assign any flows or players.
  2. If you add a player, then hit Escape - leaving it empty-handed - then unassign it from score layouts, it won’t mess up the spacing in your scores.

No. 2 is genius! Thank you @pianoleo , will use that next time.

Credit to @Lillie_Harris for that one :blush:


Then thank you @Lillie_Harris !

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No.2 is a great tip!

Now that I think of it, perhaps you could add an empty flow by importing it? I have to test that at some point!

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