Some improvements for future release..?

Hope I’m allowed to post:-

I know the thread is essentially about HALion5 but comments drifted into talking about PadShop Pro. In summary:-

  1. Better ‘Init’ preset needed (speed 100%; number of grains to 4)
  2. Maybe bug…? changing the number of grains only heard when a new note is played…?
  3. Problem with parameter jitter (also seen/heard on Mach5 - though, Granite VST has no such issues)

Some other stuff about needing better HALion pitch shift algorithms (when using PadShop - again, Granite VST seems better at this).

Food for thought. Apologies if they’ve already been noted.

Why everytime i load a sample it doesnt play the whole sample but stops in the middle? even if i have full amp envelope sustain?
How can i fix this?

Found it! Speed need to be at 100 and grains to 2!