Some instruments are not releasing their notes (note hanging)

Using Cubase Pro 11 on Mac.

Sometimes some specific instruments keep playing their notes continuously, even after the track releases the notes. Am getting it now with some (but not all of the) horn tracks (both Spitfire & Cinebrass).

Have intermittently had this error since using Cubase, but it’s consistently on the same instruments in the same place and can’t figure out what’s triggering it.

Anybody know how to solve this? It’s basically ruining the music! :o

Make sure CC64 (sustain pedal) isn’t present. Or any other extraneous (beyond the usual) CC nodes that might be messing with he library.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Wish it was that simple, but I’m not using any other cc channels (including the sustain pedal), apart from the mod wheel for dynamics - it’s a pretty vanilla set of tracks.

Weirdly, these same tracks didn’t use to generate the long note that’s now affecting the whole of the rest of the piece - it’s only since I added in the rest of the score (I haven’t changed those parts) :confused:

I’ll also mention that the old trick of exiting the programme completely and restarting it didn’t help either.

Have you taken a look in the list editor and masked notes to see if there is anything causing it? Over the years I have had this happen a few times and usually there has been something.