Some issues about play

Dear everyone

I was using Cakewalk 9.0, 20 years ago
In that program, playing was so easy and convenient

However, I found two issues about playing in Dorico

If I play my score and leave it, I guess it will play (run) indefinitely, unlimitedly

One time, I forgot to press stop, later I found it was playing more than one hour
though actually my score has only 10 or less bars (less than one minutes)

So I guess Dorico should stop at the point when the score ends
(The old cakewalk 9.0 did so)

One other thing is, sometime,
if it plays more than 10 minutes so long, and I try to stop and rewind it,
but it didn’t rewind at all
So sometimes it is hard to rewind the playing

So I want Dorico 5.0 to have more easy facility to automatically end playing and easy rewinding

(And I heard from someone here, he told me that Dorico 5.0 may support scrubbing playback using mouse dragging, which I really want in Dorico 5.0)

Hence, I will appreciate if you can comment my issues

Thank you and have a nice day

Dorico will stop playback when it comes to the end of the flow. Provided you don’t have hundreds of empty bars at the end of your flow, that should be no problem. If you do have hundreds of empty bars at the end of your project, I would recommend trimming them (Write > Trim Flow) as you’ll be making Dorico run a bit slower than it otherwise would.

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Dear Daniel

How are you, Daniel?

OK, then I guess there are some other reason
because I think it played more than 1 hour
I will check my score and will read manual about this

Also, as I said, I want Dorico 5.0 to support scrubbing playback which is, I think, so important

Thank you and see you again, Daniel

It doesn’t do that for me: it keeps going until the end of the project, which is annoying. I asssumed that this was supposed to happen, because in Playback Options > Timing you can set the gap between flows. Why would this option exist if playback stops automatically? As far as I can see, stopping at the end of a flow isn’t even an option.

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playback doesn’t stop at the end of a flow unless it’s the only or last one which is what I’m sure Daniel meant in this context.

Oh, I see: thanks. Obviously one might want playback to continue until stopped, or until the end of the project, whichever occurs first. But I usually want it to stop at the end of the flow. Surely that isn’t an unusual thing to want? I know I can set the gap between flows to some huge figure, but that’s just confusing because I think playback has stopped when it hasn’t.

Spacebar is your friend, or “p” as a habit to get into at the end of playback. Stream Deck is even better.

I get what you mean actually about going on to the next flow. For me, though playing to the end is a bad habit I use too often anyway as it cumulatively eats up too much of my working time. The habit of spacebar stopping and/or constraining myself to a shorter passage has a lot of dividends IMO.

I once had a professor that irritated a whole choir by almost never letting us sing through a whole piece. We wanted it emotionally. But he was very effective and professional/goal oriented in use of limited time.
Director / Dictator, ToMAYto / ToMAHto :slight_smile:

It’s not an unreasonable request to have this as an option, I guess, even if the way things currently work has never bothered me! And I’d also welcome rewind /fast forward buttons which can be handy in certain contexts.