Some issues selecting

  1. I often open a project that’s in Setup mode and want to listen somewhere in the score I see, but I am not able to select a note or bar to play from unless I change to Write mode.
  2. In Write mode. if I select starting and ending notes in one staff and also want the same notes selected in a staff that is not next to the first one, notes between the starting and ending ones will not be selected unless I choose whole bars.
  3. In Engrave mode, if I want to select some bars e.g. to Make a system, I have to go back to Write mode to make the selection before performing the operation in Engrave.
    Are these obstacles due to some misunderstanding on my part?
  1. Dorico works on the principle that only items that can be selected can be edited. Since notes can’t be edited in Setup mode, they can’t be selected. It’s been this way since 1.0.
  2. The best way to do this is select the start and stop notes in each staff, then use the Select More command. This will select all notes in between.
  3. You don’t need to make a whole contiguous selection. Just the starting and ending notes.

On this one - in engrave mode, I must admit I struggle to select the start and end notes - they seem to deselect between one selection and the other - I often go into write mode to select, then back to engrave…

Contiguous selection using Shift-click is intentionally not possible in Engrave mode.

Ok that makes sense - so you need to use ctrl click?

Right, Shift-click is for a contiguous selection, Ctrl-click for single items (discontiguous).

1 Yes and I’ve been slightly irritated since 1.0
2 Thanks! I did not know, that’s nice.
3 Thanks again.

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Yes, me too.

  1. you can also use the new “move into system above” or “move into next system” features of Dorico 4, so you only need to select the bar in question.