Some issues while working with the software

Dear people, here are some issues I had while working with the software (newest version). Maybe it’s useful to you, maybe it’s already known in which case I apologize.

  1. moving vertically through notes on different staves using arrow keys doesn’t work when there’s a cue in one stave (I know it’s rare to have a cued passage visible in a score but here you are)

  2. having one player enabled as a „soloist“ seems to frequently create graphical displacements while editing (see screenshot, happened e.g. when changing note values or alt-pasting notes into other staves)

  3. shift-x text collides with bar repeat region numbers (see screenshot)

  4. got 4 horns here which are condensed 1.3 and 2.4, they all have the same shift-x text but one of the texts is not properly hidden (1st screenshot before condensing, 2nd after (might the voice crossing be the reason?))

  5. and one thing I don’t understand: is it on purpose that when moving a multi-stave-caret horizontally through polyphonic music using the arrow keys, it doesn’t adhere to the rhythmic grid (as it should cf. Moving the caret manually first point) but also to written note values smaller than the grid value, causing the caret to be „out of sync“ on the different staves – this makes it impossible to multi-enter e.g. dynamics in polyphonic music… am I doing something wrong here?

  6. forgot one thing: (presumably because of the clef change,) the breath mark can’t be positioned between the two notes, which would be right above the tenor clef, have to move it in engrave mode…

thanks and best regards

  1. I often use the tab key to go from a single note in a chord to selecting the whole chord. Unfortunately, the selection is sometimes led astray – see this situation:

    When I just keep pressing tab it will select in this order: bass clef, sfz (hairpin and p is grouped to it), ord., eight note below ord. – and then just keep cycling between the last two…
  2. There is an issue with using the repeat function on notes which have a glissando leading to them, the note will not be repeated immediately, but will be created after a number of rests amounting to the duration of the glissando. See this example:
    after pressing R:
    Or this more pronounced case (result after selecting the note in bar 49 and pressing R):

best regards

aaand a last slew from me:

  1. I think for a keyboard based workflow to be smooth and efficient, it is extremely important to not have to switch to mouse to do a lot of things. This area (as lots of others!) has steadily improved over the course of newer versions of the software (e.g. when deleting a note to move the selection to the resulting rest instead of selecting nothing), yet there remain some inconsistencies and nuisances:

    1. pressing tab to cycle between elements on the same rhythmic position: with elements attached to a rest, you can tab from the rest to the element (e.g. text, fermata) but you can’t go back…

    2. when the selection is on a barline, pressing tab can bring you back „to the action“ only if there happens to be something like a text attached to the following bar (has to be on the first system too in scores), but not always… it would be great to be able to tab back to notes and rests also

    3. can’t tab back to the note from a created tuplet, this one is especially annoying

    4. can’t tab from notes to dynamics in grand staff instruments (also very disruptive)

    5. sometimes the „tab cycle“ gets stuck, for example in this situation:

      pressing tab does nothing anymore

    6. ability to access slur via tab from last note of the slur as well

    7. it is great that you can select e.g. a double bar line and alt-past it to different locations, but it would be better if the bar line wouldn’t be deselected after the first paste so you have to select again… contrary to the way it works e.g. for notes etc. Also when selecting the final barline and alt-pasting it, it will instead paste a time signature, and when the final barline is changed to a fat bar line, this one can’t be alt-pasted

    8. can’t navigate down to a following note which was moved to the stave below (via M shortcut), only works from the note following it

  2. dynamics attached to end of tie chain are not selected when shift clicking last note of tie chain…

  3. also, when selecting a passage across multiple staves, only the first part of the last selected beat is selected in staves with shorter notes (see image):

    simple example here, but this one is extremely annoying in larger scores…

  4. in this case it looks strange to change the stem direction for the B mid-bar (as happens per default)…

    maybe its worth thinking about using the non-standard up-facing stem in the center of the staff not in such ambiguous cases

  5. in passages containing glissando lines that „skip“ notes (used in notations like:)

    the glissando lines get messed up when copying or repeating the passage

  6. in this situation where one note of the dyad is tied over:
    when I select the lower note and shorten it by the grid value (8th in this case), this works fine, the upper note will correctly be rewritten:
    however, when I lenghten it again by grid value, the upper note is destroyed:
    this is a simple example, but it would be great if the note that is not edited would stay intact

  7. it would be great if removed bar rests would get the same space as if the rest was not removed

  8. command to select e.g. 2nd note in chords in tuplets always additionally selects tuplet number and „filter select only notes“ doesnt deselect the tuplet number

  9. layout numbering on export is confusing: after my exported files were all in the wrong order, I found this thread (Numbering of Printed Parts - #4 by evansf) than, as described, I expanded the layouts in the right panel in setup mode and corrected the wrong numbering there. Now, there seem to be some issues: I pressed the button to sort layouts by layout number and it didn’t sort it according to the numbering I found… that’s why I didn’t catch on to it first (maybe a problem with XML-imported file? after I manually changed numbers and pressed the button, it did resort them…) Also, I find it confusing that there is this additional hidden number; why not take the order as it appears in the layouts panel in setup mode, or at least take it from there by default and then maybe allow it to be overwritten, not the other way round. Just some input…

  10. Can’t create 4/4 with one 16th pickup from the sidebar… personally I find it strange to specify pickup as „1/2 of a beat“ or multiples of a beat… why not just the concrete note value (as you have it in the „tempo equation“ section in the tempo side bar)? At least it would be nice to have a wider choice than 1/2 to 3x

  11. just something I noticed: the tempo selection offering in the right side bar includes a great amount of tempo words, some of them seem quite esoteric to me (lacrimoso, malinconico, why eroico = 96, trionfante = 72?) maybe its not necessary to have 7 different options for q=60, 10 different options for q=72, as it takes up a lot of scrolling space, and rather allow users to add their own ones to the list

hope some of this could be helpful, best regards


I wanted to just acknowledge this thread and thank you for taking the time to enumerate these points, Roland. These kinds of details, many of them small, are of course important, and I hope that next time we have a chance to look at some of these areas in detail we will be able to take care of at least some of these points.

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