some issues

  1. the automation of the a/b layer mix with padshop (pro) _is not present in a mixdown, freeze, or render in place.
    1.b. perhaps there are more automation problems, i do not know.

    it as been duplicated within another daw, by a friend, ableton live, there the automation of a/b layer mix is working…

    realtime rendering works, but does effect the workflow, of course. and render in place is a worthy “thing”
  2. the cursor in the sampler track, sometimes stops. it does not effect playback, but it is annoying, because you don’t “where you are”.
  3. i became interested in t-racks 5, ik multimedia, but i noticed that the parameters when choosing a preset doesn’t reflect on any controller, so they jump when you for instance turn a knob. therefore, because i want i complete tactile enviroment, t-racks 5 isn’t interesting for me. i do not know if the problem is special for cubase (or my setup…). i will ask someone to reproduce it on another daw and cubase (within another setup)._