Some Key commands don't work

If I press F2 and F4, nothing happens. While F3 and F1 work. Shift 1-9 don’t work either. I have created my own key commands and some of these don’t work.
All the key commands are assigned.
The problem is unlikely to be caused by the keyboard, if I replace “Key editor in lower zone” (F2) with “Mix console in project window” (F3), I still get the Mix console, then with F2.
I also had the problem in Cubase 12.
I have previously used a MIDI remote control (Behringer X-touch). Could there be some settings from this that are left behind and cause the problems?
I use Windows 11.


F2 is not assigned to the Transport Panel aynmore.

F4 (Audio Connections) works on my side here.

I don’t think so.