Some Key Commands Not Working in Cubase 13?

Cubase 13, PC. Using INSERT and other marker commands appear to not be working. Can anyone else please confirm? I’m a new Cubase user and this seems rather odd. Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance.

I haven’t noticed anything amiss in that regard…

Did you confirm that the keystrokes you are using are actually the ones assigned to those functions?

Many apologies. My bad. I’m still learning and it’s a steep curve, I’ve got it now, it was my fault entirely. Nothing wrong at all, just my lack of comprehension.

I’ll delete this thread if it’ll allow me to. Thank you for replying Steve.

No prob @IanChristopher!

Please ask anything and everything. We all started knowing less.

Thank you.
I’m really enjoying the learning part. It reminds me of when I learned to use Emagic Logic back in 2002. Most of Cubase is starting to make sense now, but little things crop up now and then. There are an incredible amount of options. I am really enjoying it though.


I am actually having the same issue. Some cases it works (setting left/right locators) and some cases it seems Cubase completely forgotten about it. If I remember correctly, the latest update seemed to have something written about this. But my problem seems to persist.

For me, it’s about:

  • Set Left Locator to Project Cursos Postition
  • Set Right Locator to Project Cursos Postition

When I go to Key Commands and put the key commands for anything else, it gives me the standard ‘override warning’ popup. Which is good, as this means Cubase is aware of my key commands for it.

– added later: I just found out when I click these two (both individually), only after that it seems to function again like normal.

After a while it seemed key commands weren’t working once again. It might have something to do that I changed the grids from Time Formats from Bar+Beats to Seconds and back a few times.
So this narrows the issue down at least a bit.

Any thoughts?


Just tested this, there’s no difference. I cannot replicate this problem. Out of curiosity, are you on a Mac or Win? (I’ve tested this on Win for now)

Thank you for your reply M.C. I’m on M1 Macbook (OSX Ventura 13.5.1), Cubase Pro v13.0.20