Some Key Commands not working in MacOS Catalina (macbook pro)

hello fellow Cubies!

Ive recently found out some key command are not working as I would like them in Cubase.
Im on CB 11 now, MacOS Catalina, 16" Macbook 2020

So the increase/decrease of volume by key command doesnt work (even if bind a really simple key command like F/V).
Also Open Sampler Track In Window doesnt work.

When pressing said key commands, I hear the MacOS system beep.

How can i get these key commands to work?



I would say these are system specific commands.

  • Cmd+F is reserved for Find/Search, I would say.
  • Cmd+V is reserved for Paste.

hi Martin,

i didnt try to use Cmd+F, i tried every possible key combination, like [F], or [V], or any other key combination (from single letters, to SHIFT-something to Cmd-Shift-something).
I only get the beep…

Does it work on your mac? Can you move the faders with key combinations?
Can you open the Sampler Track Window in a separate window with a shortkey?