Some layouts hang when printing

Hello, I’ve encountered an issue where most of my layouts print just fine (I’m making pdfs with Microsoft Print to PDF, but changing the printer doesn’t seem to affect anything), but a couple cause the program to hang. Namely, the Drum Set and Piano layouts will freeze the program, but all the other layouts print without issue. Help appreciated.

Edit: probably more accurate to say they hang in Print mode, since merely clicking on the layout in Print mode causes the hang.

Printing Troubleshoot.dorico (1.3 MB)

I find it easier to use the Dorico > Graphics print routine. It has worked for me without a hitch.

I appreciate the heads-up, though that’s not actually relevant in this case. It doesn’t actually matter what your end goal is, as soon as you click on the drum set or piano layout in Print Mode, the program hangs. All the other 30 or so layouts work perfectly fine.

It seems to work fine here in my program - Dorico 4

Could you please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here? My guess is that Dorico is hanging because it’s unable to reach your printer, but it’s waiting for a response. Do you have a network-attached printer that’s switched off or not available at your current location?

So I downloaded the file I uploaded to the forum and it worked - once. When I came back and opened it again, it hung again, the same as before. Hopefully the diagnostic sheds light.


Dorico (1.1 MB)

And yes, I do have some printers I’m not connected to, though it’s not clear to me why most of the layouts work just fine and two of them don’t.