Some Libraries showing in HALion Sonic 3 but not in HALion 6

Bit of an odd one this - not used HALion 6 much since buying Absolute 4 a couple of months ago, but had a play today & noticed that when selected LOAD/REC & MEDIABAY, not all my HALion libraries are showing - there’s 12 missing.

They all show in HALion Sonic 3, however I’ve noticed that HALion Sonic SE 3 has the exact same libraries as HALion 6 (i.e. the 18 shown & 12 missing are the same).

Some of those visible are the extra content that came with Absolute 4 (e.g. Olympus Choir Micro, Hypnotic Dance) so the visible ones are not restricted to the ‘free’ HALion Sonic SE 3 content that comes with Cubase Pro.

Anybody any thoughts? I’m guessing it’s a file location thing but I’ve only ever used the default installers.