Some little considerations

Hello everybody. After a year and a half of uninterrupted and powerful use of Dorico, if it can be useful, I would like to submit some considerations to the Team for the next updates.

  1. It would be very useful if you could import every single EndPointConfig instance previously saved for each instrument, rather than just the VST, directly into the Playback page without having to go through the Playback Template.

  2. It would be very useful, when loading the Playback Template, to recognize the double instruments: for example, if I have two Alto Saxes, two Tenors, two Violins I, it recognizes only the first instruments, despite having saved, inside of the Playback Templete the double instruments.
    Point 2 would be less of a problem if point 1 could be done! Instead, you have to reprogram the double tools all over again, even though you have already saved them as EndPointConfig. (I have is there any function that I don’t know yet ??).

  3. It would be useful to be able to create personal menus, in the execution techniques, in addition to the default ones (Common, Wind, Brass, etc.)

  4. It would be useful to also be able to establish the position of the glyphs with respect to the notehead, when creating a new playing technique.

  5. A small thing, maybe stupid, but I think it’s important: to be able to save your templates in the starting templates, just to have everything in a single menu.

Everything else is so wonderful !! And that’s just why I took the liberty of giving some little advice.


The last three points :+1:t2:


Thanks for your feedback, @FilDA. These issues are already on our radar.

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I had no doubts Daniel! Thanks always to you for providing us with an increasingly performing work tool!