Some love for the Vintage Compressor

I have to admit I post most often when I have problems or need help but I need to give Steinberg some credit for the awesome work they do

I have a pretty good number of paid for and legit after market plugs from waves, slate, soundtoy, UAD and others. However, lately I’ve been sticking to the Steinberg plugs cause I am sharing sessions with a couple people with just cubase pro and artist.

I had tried the Vintage Compressor previously when it looked 1176-ish and didn’t love it. But now with the changed interface I’ve ended up using it over my aftermarkets and dare I say liking it every bit as much and maybe even more than the ones I paid for separately.

Has something changed with that plug or is it just my attitude?

I know its not sexy to load a stock plug into your session but if you haven’t given it a try recently I recommend you do.

I had the same experience. Stock plugins are really great these days. Wonder if the new gui was part of the new enthusiasm :slight_smile:

I remember a great mixer I know in L.A. saying that if you can’t get a great mix with stock plugins then you gotta work on your mixing skills. :slight_smile: I put that to the test a couple of years ago with Cubase and was totally happy with the result.

thanks for the hint about the vintage comp ! Really nice ! Btw, i also find the standard compressor to be very good in most cases…prefer the clean interface over sexy any time (would be way to distracting…looking at sexy GUI’s all the time :wink: )

to be honest the apple stock plugs for logic pro x are way ahead of the cubase plugs up to v9.5.

i have lots of UAD and waves plugs and they are also better than cubase stock plugs.

however steinberg is catching up in this area with C10, but they were miles behind.

you are right the C10 plugs are improving.


The vintage compressor is my least favorite native Cubase compressor, but use it regularly for side chain ducking.

What is your favorite compressor, If I may ask please?

I’m still in a learning stage, both for mixing and Cubase itself but I really like the Vintage Compressor too.
I use it almost exclusively on drums and bass.